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Unformatted text preview: Barracks-room Emperor - Name given to Emperors rising to power on the strength of their armies after the fall of the Severi. These emperors often spent most of their time at war, fighting against Barbarians, Parthians, and Sassanids, though they themselves often were not pure Roman born. Pax-Romana - The idea of the political, economic unity of the Mediterranean world in which security, peace pax was guaranteed by Roman law and military force. A reality from 90 to 200 CE. Praetorian Guard - Elite force of palace guards established in the beginning of Empire period, to guard the person and family of the Emperor. From time to time, they would emerge as a political force, killing and proclaiming rulers. Eliminated at end of third century. Parthians - Historic opponents of Roman rule in Mesopotamia, they became warlike again in...
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