Domitian - Domitian Second son of Vespasian Unpopular ruler...

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Unformatted text preview: Domitian - Second son of Vespasian. Unpopular ruler, but not ineffective. Murdered 96 CE. Dacians - People of Transylvania, possessing organized, fortified kingdom. Harassed sub- Danubian Roman lands beginning in Domitian's time. Trajan finally burst through into their lands and annexed the region, leading to its Latinization. Nerva - Place-holder Emperor after Domitian. Known for Alimenta and adoption of Trajan as heir. Chosroes - Parthian king excessively friendly with Armenia, thus encouraging Trajan to invade Parthian lands from 113. Trajan - Roman Emperor, 98-117. Most popular emperor after Augustus. Expanded Roman lands into Danube area and east. Under his rule, Rome had good government and finances. He treated the Senate well. Hadrian - Ruled 117-138. Not popular, in that was not an agressive emperor externally, and - Ruled 117-138....
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