Miraculously - Miraculously, the ancient world got a break,...

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Unformatted text preview: Miraculously, the ancient world got a break, and peace was sustained. Octavian, soon to be Augustus, was indeed good at politics, and created the Principate, an entirely new approach to government. It was somewhat disorienting to Romans, and was designed to be so, and to gradually confuse them away from older notions of rule. It was a truly sui generus institution for its erathe Principate was like nothing else, not admitting of comparative terms in its description. Adding to its intrisically confusing nature was its gradual impositionit was created over time, with many of the most significant aspects of it either done behind closed doors or in such a manner permitting a creeping role expansion of the Princeps into Emperor. Of course, one could have argued at the time that the republic had simply been re-established more strongly than ever before. In theory, Augustus was no more than a powerful magistrate, more strongly than ever before....
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