Ostrogoths - Ostrogoths The eastern Goths they were forced...

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Unformatted text preview: Ostrogoths - The eastern Goths, they were forced west from the Crimea and Black Sea area to north of Thrace and Visigoth realms in the 370s. Assisted in Visigothic defeat of Valens in 378. Became trouble for East Rome when they pressured emperors, notably Zeno in 470-80s. Zeno responded to the problem by encouraging Theodoric the Ostrogoth to lead his people west and unseat Odovacar in 488-93, thus freeing the east from the Ostrogoth menace. Theodoric overthrew Odovacar and established the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy, Southern Gaul. Christians of the Arian persuasion. Burgundians - Eastern Germanic tribe, a late entrant into Roman territories, came with Rhadagaesius and his Vandals and plundered from 410s onward, eventually settling as foederati in the Worms region. After the Roman fall, they moved south to Gaul just beyond the Italian Alps in the Worms region....
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  • Black Sea area, Attila. Went west, Ostrogoth menace. Theodoric, East Roman areas, Eastern Germanic tribe, East German tribe

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