687 - 830s-950s ∙Viking Magyar and Muslim raids 845...

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687: Battle of Tertry  ∙Pepin II's victory over Neustrian mayor; establishment of his family's  dominance in Francia.  711  ∙Islamic invasion of Iberia  715-720: Second Muslim siege of Constantinople;  ∙ Charles Martel's control over Austrasia and  Neustria  732: Battle of Tours  ∙Charles Martel defeats Spanish Muslim forces at Poitiers in southern  France  741-751  ∙Joint Pepin-Carloman rule; Aistulf Lombard king in Italy; transfer of power from  Ummayads to Abbasids  756: Ummayad Emirate in Spain  ∙Last living Ummayad family member, Abd al-Rahman,  escapes to Spain, founds state in Cordoba.  768-814: Charlemagne's rule  ∙Conquest of Saxons, setting up of border marches, conquest of  Lombard Italy, imperial coronation, first Viking raids on Britain.  814-840: Louis the Pious  ∙Internal conflict in Carolingian state, beginnings of Arab seaborne  raids in Mediterranean and conquest of Sicily, increased Viking raids. 
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Unformatted text preview: 830s-950s: ∙Viking, Magyar, and Muslim raids 845 ∙Vikings begin wintering at mouth of Loire, Seine 878-886 ∙ Viking siege of Paris 911: Charles the Simple's agreement with Rollo; East Frankish Carolingians extinct ∙Charles allows Rollo to legally possess lands at mouth of Seine, Normans evolve; Conrad of Franconia chosen to replace Frankish kings. Alfred the Great (r. 871-899) of Wessex ∙Restricts Vikings to Danelaw, strengthens Wessex Defenses. 912-961 ∙Rule of Abd al-Rahman III in Spain 919-936 ∙Henry the Fowler in Germany, re-annexes Lorriane Aethelstan (r. 925-939) ∙Conquers the Danelaw. Otto I (r. 936-973) ∙Defeats rebellious counts, defeats Magyars (95), establishes Saxon control in Italy. 955 ∙Battle of the Lech 960: Hugh Capet as Duke of Franks ∙Chosen by French counts because they wanted a weak ruler....
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