Contemporaneous with Aurelius

Contemporaneous with Aurelius - Contemporaneous with...

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Unformatted text preview: Contemporaneous with Aurelius, however, Barbarian incursions began along the Rhine and Danube. This opened the way for the ascent of a new kind of general and then emperor, which the Severi embodied. Increasingly non-Latin soldier emperors who proved their mettle on the battlefield, these Emperors have been called variously military emperors, camp-made, or barracks-room emperors. While these men were usually committed to pragmatic problem solving and maintenance of imperial frontiers, rapid and volatile imperial succession wreaked havoc on the Roman body politic. Further, as Balkan peasants, with partially barbarian backgrounds, it cannot be sure that they or their Balkan-German soldiers fully comprehended the Roman ideal they were protecting. Problems of imperial continuity also point to the major 'Achilles heel' of Roman politics: imperial succession. Beyond hereditary rule, which was disconcerting to the Roman civic imperial succession....
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