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In the same way - In the same way inasmuch as the Middle...

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Unformatted text preview: In the same way, inasmuch as the Middle Ages were transitional, the Early Middle Ages presented similar characteristics to those of the half-millennium succeeding it. The struggle with Islam, and growing commercial interaction with and cultural imaginings about that new confessional civilization around the southern shores of the Mediterranean were well under way by 1000. Defining themselves in terms of dichotomies of Christendom vs. pagan (including Islam) or civilized vs. Barbarian, Europeans scored notable successes against Muslims; though the Crusades are a High Middle Ages phenomenon, its solid military and ideological foundations were laid in the tenth century with the Spanish Reconquista, which itself flourished into the fifteenth century. Similarly, monasticism, of prime importance to high Medieval society, had seen its first few cycles of efflorescence by the 940s, just as the papacy had made serious...
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