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Though he did not make it the state religion

Though he did not make it the state religion - Though he...

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Unformatted text preview: Though he did not make it the state religion, the Emperor took several measures to privilege Christianity: 1) He built several imposing churches in the empire's large cities, St. Peter's Basilica being an example. 2) He granted the church large agricultural tracts whose revenues supported church expansion. 3) As the church was known for charity, Constantine gave it access to imperial grain stores so it could be doled out. 4) The Church was allowed to receive legacies, and bequests of land to the corporate church soon made it the greatest Western landowner. 5) To increase the importance of bishops, Constantine allowed them to hold civil court, to which the general population could turn. 6) Decurions were allowed to escape their duties by joining the clergy. 7) Sunday became the official state holiday. These measures, along with the emperor's courting of Sunday became the official state holiday....
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  • Fall '08
  • Murphy
  • Constantine, Diocletian, pagan rituals. Constantine, large agricultural tracts, official state holiday., greatest Western landowner.

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