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Finally1 - Finally Gregory's patronage of missionary...

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Unformatted text preview: Finally, Gregory's patronage of missionary efforts in England had three major consequences: A) Christianization in the British Isles was uncharacteristically thorough in a relatively short time. B) Papal patronage meant that that region's churches would be tied to the Roman ecclesiastical hierarchy much more strongly than were those of Gaul and Spain at that time. C) As monastics after Gregory's own heart conducted the bulk of the missionary activity, Britain's most notable Christian personalities in turn would be particularly monastic missionaries. Irish and English monks, then, would go on to spearhead Christianity's spread in Eastern Germany as well as its deepening in Gaul's countryside. D) This meant that the more Eastern precincts in particular would also have a close allegiance to Rome and the Pope, as opposed to secular Frankish rulers. This story's first phase begins in Ireland. Though never a part of the Roman Empire, Christianity This story's first phase begins in Ireland....
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  • Fall '08
  • Murphy
  • relatively short time, secular Frankish rulers, later Irish­English monks, major missionary thrust, phase. Practicing exile, rigorous self­denial. Clan­

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