David Hume - David Hume(1711–1776 A Scottish philosopher...

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Unformatted text preview: David Hume (1711–1776) A Scottish philosopher and one of the most prominent figures in the field of skepticism during the Enlightenment. Hume took religion to task, asking why a perfect God would ever create an imperfect world, and even suggested that our own senses are fallible, bringing all observations and truths into question. Hume’s skepticism proved very influential to others, such as Immanuel Kant , and was instrumental in the shift away from rationalist thought that ended the Enlightenment. Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826) American thinker and politician who penned the Declaration of Independence (1776), which was inspired directly by Enlightenment thought. Immanuel Kant (1724–1804) A German skeptic philosopher who built on David Hume ’s theories and brought the school of thought to an even higher level. Kant theorized that all humans are born with school of thought to an even higher level....
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