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Events 1715 Louis XIV dies; Louis XV takes French throne  1748 Montesquieu publishes  The Spirit of Laws   1751 Diderot publishes first volume of  Encyclopédie   1759 Voltaire publishes  Candide   Key People Louis XIV  -  “Sun King” whose late-1600s extravagance prompted disgruntled French  elites to congregate in salons and exchange ideas  Louis XV  -  Successor to Louis XIV; ineffective ruler who allowed France to slide into  bankruptcy; ineptness greatly undermined authority of French monarchy 
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Unformatted text preview: Baron de Montesquieu - Philosopher whose The Spirit of Laws (1748) built on Locke’s ideas about government Voltaire - Primary satirist of the French Enlightenment; best known for Candide (1759) Denis Diderot - Primary editor of the mammoth Encyclopédie , which attempted to aggregate all human knowledge into one work...
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