Titian - Titian The most prominent Venetian artist of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Titian The most prominent Venetian artist of the Renaissance, Titian was born Tiziana Vecellio, in the Italian Alps. Early in life he moved to Venice to study art. Titian distinguished himself through the use of bright colors and new techniques that inbued those colors with greater subtlety and depth. Between 1518 and 1532 he served as court painter in Ferrara, Mantua, and Urbino. In 1532, he became the official painter to the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, in which role he dabbled mainly in portraiture. If the artists of the early Renaissance had introduced and worked to perfect the techniques and style of Renaissance art, it was the artists of the High Renaissance who mastered these techniques, creating the most intricate and beautiful works of the entire period. Earning even greater fame than their predecessors, the artists of the High period....
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