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essay 1 - to hold the skirt in place As far as the upper...

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Chetna Mehra Ms. Bickle Essay 1 August 30, 2011 Ancient Middle East During the Ancient World in 3500-2500 B.C. women and men both wore skirts. During this time period skirts were the most popular item of dress among people. In the early periods the skirts were made of sheepskin with the fleece still attached (pg.24). The fleece fabric was called kaunakes. The lengths of the skirts varied, shorter skirts were worn by soldiers and servants whereas, royalty and deities wore longer lengths. These skirts were quite different then the skirts now a days. Reason being is because the skirts in that time period wrapped around the body and if the fabric ends were long enough the end of the fabric length would go under the belt and over one shoulder. The belts were wide and padded and they were worn on the waist in order
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Unformatted text preview: to hold the skirt in place. As far as the upper part of the body, men and women would wear cloaks. Moreover, the cloaks were made from animal skins, leather, or heavy felted cloth (pg. 24). However, as styles evolved the complexity of the garments increased. Skirts were still popular but shawls and tunics started coming into use. Furthermore, accessories like jewelry were only seen among the royalty, royal women were known to wear gold jewelry. During this era some men and women had long hair which they would put in a bun at the back of the neck which was called a chignon. The chignon was held by a fillet which is also known as a headband (pg. 24). The fashion of this era continuously changed, however it was only because newer things were being found and learned....
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essay 1 - to hold the skirt in place As far as the upper...

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