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Chetna Mehra Ms. Bickle Written Assignment #2 September 19, 2011 Rome and Etruria During the Archaic Period men wore medium-length hair and pointed beards. However, in the post- Archaic Period men wore their hair short and their faces were clean shaven. In addition, women wore their hair in a single braid at the back or in long, flowing tresses (79). Women used different types of headwear such as wide-brimmed hats similar to petasos for men and fillets to confine the hair for both men and women (79). Furthermore, during festivities men and women wear a crownlike headpiece. Men and women both wore high-crowned brimless hats; men’s hats tended to be peaked while women wore a tutulus with a rounded crown.
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Unformatted text preview: Aside, from the peoples’ faces and headwear, Romans and Etruscans also had distinctive footwear and jewelry. For instance, men and women both wore sandals. There was one particular style they had that was often in red that covered the foot up to the ankle and had an elongated toe that curled upward (80). Women and men also wore jewelry; the jewelry ranged from necklaces, earrings, decorative brooches, and fibulae which have been shown in paintings and sculptures. However, it was never known if the jewelry was of local origin or imported from abroad....
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