mapehproj - My classmates often told me before that I was...

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My classmates often told me before that I was stunning on our first day of school. They said that I looked so confident entering the room, but I was so nervous that time that my hand and voice were shaking as I gave Mrs. Sally something that should be given right away and as I greet everyone good-morning because I was late. Geraldine Tanya was the first person who spoke to me. Her voice was still much the same, like a meowing cat. HAHA! It wasn’t hard to find and have friends. In no time, I was befriended with Charmel Awitan, Bleezy Rivera and Joyce Macatangay during my first year life. This is a picture of me and Miguel Karlo Gulane. He was my partner during the Family Day dance competition. We danced to the song “Who Am I?”. I was blushing at that time because I kind of like him and when I saw Chiaki Keiko Nakagomi focusing the camera to us, I turned my head so that my red-smiling face won’t be seen. This is a picture of the Royal Family. They are composed of almost half of the boys in first year and only 3 or 4 girls. Our field-trip was in Intramuros and Mall of Asia. Actually, it should’ve been only me and Charmel in the picture but Jillian insisted to be with us. To be honest, we really didn’t want her to be with us but we had no choice. Here comes my hardest year in high school life. I know you know why. If you don’t, it’s because I entered a juvenile relationship with…. I’m not passing the buck because I know it’s entirely my fault for letting him to have a special place in my life before and so as we fought almost every day, I couldn’t focus on my studies. I don’t regret a thing because it made me stronger and wiser.
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mapehproj - My classmates often told me before that I was...

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