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ve proj - (Batch 2010-2011 I What is Retreat According to...

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(Batch 2010-2011) I. What is Retreat? According to our booklet, “Retreat is a withdrawal for a time from the pressures of the world and one’s usual pursuits and responsibilities into the stillness of God.” Well, it was my first time having a retreat in my life. I don’t have any idea what are we going to do but of course, I have my expectations. I thought that we’ll have lots of free time to enjoy ourselves but I was wrong because almost all of our time during those two days retreat, it was spend for God, to know Him and to worship Him. Even though it was tiring (going back and forth to the seminar hall), it was great! Now, I feel like having a retreat again. Not only have I bonded with God but also with my fellow classmates whom I have never talked to since. Now I know why GSCS requires retreat because they want us (graduates) to leave the school with God in our hearts and to strengthen our faith and loyalty to God no matter what environment we will have in the future. II. Bright Shiners (Listening, cooperation/teamwork, focus, trust, confidence, skill, sportsmanship, determination ) Just after we arrived in the seminar house, girls and boys were grouped separately into three. I was assigned in the group “Bright Shiners” whose leader is Ms. Berces. I knew they want us to get along with each other whether we are friends or not. The first activity they gave us is to discuss and answer the paper that was given to us. The things I remember from it are that when we die, our spirit separate with our body and that the only places we will be when we die is either heaven or hell. I got all the answers correct though I missed that paper. After we had lunch, we were called in the court for games. I learned a lot of lesson. The first game was to put the thread in everyone’s clothes without cutting it off. Because we all had different perspectives, we were confused. And just after we finished and the only thing we need is to walk into the centre, the group Light Bearers led by Mrs. Sardido walked in, and so we lost ;( The second game’s instruction is to have a model and the other members will dress that model inspired by our school uniform using newspapers. I was the model and thank God, Charmel is with us. We first planned on how we are going to
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make the uniform. The first thing we made was the top, then the necktie and lastly the skirt. Even though we did not win,
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