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VII. Lesson In this book, I have learned a lot of lessons that I can apply in my life. First is that we must learn to forgive. Let’s forgive others as Christ has forgiven us from our sins. In the novel, Dayne has forgiven his adoptive parents for leaving him alone and his biological parents who gave him up for adoption. Also, the kids have learned to forgive the drunk driver who killed their friends. And lastly, Ashley who has forgiven his father for concealing the truth to them. Keeping anger or grudge to someone won’t do anything good. I have also learned that if you want to learn how to forgive others, learn to forgive yourself first. Like what Dayne did, he has forgiven himself for living contrary to God’s will first, before forgiving his parents. Actually, in my point of view, we don’t have the right of not to forgive others because if the Mighty Creator forgives, then how about us, his creations, right? Second is that God has plan. In everything that happens, He has a plan for it. I
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