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ess syllubus - ESS 3318: Exercise Sport Psychology Faculty...

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ESS 3318 Fall 2011, Brak ESS 3318: Exercise Sport Psychology Faculty Information: Victor Brak, M.S. Email: (preferred method of communication) Phone: 806-742-1685 Ext 229 Office: Exercise Sciences Center - Room 203 Class times: 001 MW 4:00pm – 5:20pm, Holden Hall 104 Office hours: by appointment, before class, or after class Course Materials : Sport Psychology in Action (purchased at Copy Mail in the SUB) Required at Course Description and Purpose This course examines psychological theories and research related to sport behavior. The course is designed to introduce you to the field of sport psychology by providing a broad overview of major topics in the area. The course focuses on intra-individual (i.e., within) person processes that influence sport and exercise involvement. The goal is that you will develop an interest in further study in a topic covered. Methods of Assessment Reading assignments should be done prior to the lecture topic. Examinations There will be 3 tests covering the workbook materials and corresponding slides/handouts. There will be 6 quizzes covering the reading list. Make-up exams and quizzes should be avoided at all costs. Discuss with the instructor if you have a university excused absence or religious observance. Workbook Activities You will be required to complete approximately 13 workbook activities. These activities must be handed in by each student during the actual class period . Class attendance Attendance at class is highly recommended in order to enhance understanding of the material covered. There will be several class activities during the course of this class and students not in attendance will receive zero points for the class activity that day, so it is in your interest to make sure you are in class and have read the assigned reading in advance. Policy regarding make up exams
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ess syllubus - ESS 3318: Exercise Sport Psychology Faculty...

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