Illness and Identity

Illness and Identity - Illness and Identity Karp Examine...

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Illness and Identity – Karp Examine the experience of major depression Use qualitative data gathered through interviews with people who have been / currently in psychiatric care Effects that experiencing mental illness and treatment can have on self concept Self identity change processes that people with depression go through Highlights factors that lead people to respond social psychologically to depression in different ways Karen If depression reappear, it would mean recasting her identity again She things people’s perception of herself would change Can pinpoint the beginning of her depression career (nearly every one can) At first want to keep “it” hidden and could not give a name to “it” Want to keep her torment hidden – a factor that contributed to the anonymity of her misery It is very private When she felt something was really wrong with HER, her feelings about the pain took a critical turn A “crash” is a major turning point in her identity ( feel like she can’t live with the pain) Hospitalization mean that she could no longer deny that she was depressed Hospitalization to her seemed authoritarian and arbitrary Social Construction of Illness Identities “When does the discomfort inevitably a part of living become acute enough to call it a disease?” Social construction – answer is political and cultural as it is medical Illness labels can have profound consequences for individual The role of social expectations and human judgment is even greater when there is no demonstrable biological pathology for the condition and behaviors termed illness A Career View of the Depression Experience Value of conceptualizing career is “the moving perspective in which the person sees his life as a whole and interprets the meaning of his various attitudes, action and things happen to him” Ways in which people attach evaluative meanings to sequence of movements constitute their career path
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Illness and Identity - Illness and Identity Karp Examine...

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