Mitra_Audience Analysis

Mitra_Audience Analysis - To Jodie Simon From Saikat Mitra...

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Unformatted text preview: October 16, 2010 To: Jodie Simon From: Saikat Mitra Subject: Audience Analysis to Identify and Meet Audience Needs Upon your request, I have analyzed different scenarios and came up with the following reader benefits besides identifying and meeting audience needs. Having a Personal Trainer Benefits: Low cost diet program, package for hart attack survivors, Excel package for professional athletes, Free health consultancy. Services: Genesis Health Club. Having a personal trainer allows to stay fit and top of your work all the time. You can count on us to ensure your fitness. We offer specialized training for professional athletes, hart patients, weight watchers. Discontinuing Cell Phone Use While Driving Benefits: Reduced accidents, Lowered health risks, Quicker traveling, Raising Awareness. Services: International No Cell Phone While Driving (INCPWD) Society. At INCPWD, we encourage you to act in saving human life and take part to make commuting safer for everybody. Our goal is to offer you the most up to date knowledge about safety during driving and that everybody....
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Mitra_Audience Analysis - To Jodie Simon From Saikat Mitra...

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