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Mitra_Cover Letter - challenge Over the last few years in...

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1731 N. Gatewood Street Wichita, Ks 67206 November 27, 2010 Mr. Henry Kapalata, General Manager Days Inn 105 Kansas Ave Newton, KS 67114 Dear Mr. Kapalata: I am interested in the position of Front Desk Manager announced in the November 23 issue of The Kansan. I will receive a B.S. in Accounting in May, 2011 and already have two years experience as a frond desk clerk in Days inn , Wichita. My academic program in Accounting has given me the opportunity to focus and employ my managerial knowledge in my current position. I have also had the opportunity to attend the Days Inn leadership summit in Colorado earlier this year. Being a Front Desk manager means taking many responsibilities and I am ready for this
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Unformatted text preview: challenge. Over the last few years, in academic scenario and in real life jobs, I faced and gained knowledge about various aspects of being a manager and taking an active part in the company’s success. I know the value of training and hard work. My work experience in a similar field could help me become an efficient Front desk manager quickly. Could we set up an appointment to discuss this possibility? I will be available most of the next month and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about ways that I could put my experience and drive to work for you. Sincerely, Saikat Mitra Saikat Mitra Encl.: Personal Resume...
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