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Cover letter of F. Rahman - it Besides me proficiency in...

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8405 West Central Apt # 407 Wichita, KS 67212 316-207-6277 [email protected] July 24, 2010 Ms. Cheryl Wortman Title Organ. name address Dear Ms. Wortman, This is Farzana Rahman and I am writing with high consideration for the position of Radiology Tech. Over the last few years I have heard so much about your organization and now that I came to know about the vacancy for the position of Radiology Tech in your office, I highly consider and present my desire to be a part of your organization and its ongoing success. As par your motto of serving the people, I also have been in the work of customer service and management which enabled me to learn about serving the people and how to get the best out of
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Unformatted text preview: it. Besides me proficiency in Microsoft Office Programs, I am well capable of providing different type of office management and client satisfaction skills. I tried my best to learn about your organization through different people and your website. I am a hard worker and get my work done with best results in both team and individual settings. I will really appreciate the opportunity to interview for the position and share more thoughts and information about me. Last but not the least I will be glad to provide any additional information or documents if necessary. Sincerely, Handwriten Signature Farzana Rahman...
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