refutation UU Farzana Rahman

refutation UU Farzana Rahman - Farzana Rahman Comp 2...

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Unformatted text preview: Farzana Rahman Comp 2 Refutation Paper “Social Security”: Is There Really a Problem? There are some claims since 2005 that the Social Security is about to go broke. Many experts of economics, social welfare and other areas are doing their own commenting with and without much research about this issue. Some are expressing their concern about Social Security and some are saying that the current system is doing just fine. Much of this hype began after the re-election of former president George Bush. His Government tried to convince the public that the retirement system will run out of money starting in 2018. The President himself told reporters on December, 2005 at a press conference that “The Social Security system is going into the red”. He also mentioned that, “Social Security can’t sustain which has been promised to the workers.” The question, “is it truly going bankrupt?” started to gain popularity and was being asked more since then. There have been some statements and facts supporting President Bush’s claim and the unraveling of those claims can be done by looking and analyzing these claims itself. There are obviously some problems in existence with the way that the Social Security is running now. Some of the problems concerning the Social Security has been overlooked by the congress because the most likely solutions- raising taxes, cutting benefits or other measures always faces strong opposition from the opponents and lobbies and from general people as well but none of these raises significantly realistic concern regarding the ultimate failure of the Social Security. The most common myth against the social security is that it is unsustainable. Over the course of next seventy five years, the gap between is unsustainable....
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refutation UU Farzana Rahman - Farzana Rahman Comp 2...

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