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Unformatted text preview: LSU EE 4720 Homework 3 Due: 22 September 2010 Problem 1: Note: Problems like this one have been assigned before. Please solve this problem without looking for a solution elsewhere. If you get stuck ask for hints. Copying a solution will leave you unprepared for exams, and will waste your (or your parents’) hard-earned tuition dollars. A shift unit is to be added to the EX stage of the implementation below. The shift unit has a 32-bit data input, VIN , a 5-bit shift amount input, AMT , a 1-bit input SIN , and a 1-bit control input DIR . There is a 32-bit data output, VOUT . The DIR input determines whether the shift is left (1) or right (0). If the shift is right then the value at input SIN is shifted in to the vacated bit positions. The meaning of the other inputs is self-explanatory. For a description of MIPS-I instructions see the MIPS32 Volume 2 linked to the course references page....
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