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LSU EE 4720 Homework 7 Due: 1 November 2010 Problem 1: Do Spring 2010 Final Exam Problem 1 (our MIPS foating-point implementation questions). The ±ollowing were the criteria used when grading the ²nal. Positive numbers indicate total points ±or some aspect o± the solution. Negative numbers are speci²c deductions ±or mistakes. Many o± these are based on speci²c mistakes made by one or more students. In the criteria smoke means logic in which the outputs o± two gates are connected together. Problem 1 (15 pts) ^^^^^^^^^ -2 Smoke 4 Existing path for simple mtc1 -2 Squiggly line starts in MEM. -2 Squiggly line from EX to fp RF din. 4 Control Logic -3 Correct unbypassed mtc1, others wrong. -3 Compare sources to integer dest. Don’t check insn types. -2 Bypass from FP add and M6 we, no test for reg# or int val. No mtc1. -4 and=>or of register field bit ranges, but inputs not connected. -1 Correct test for fd, but uses fs from ID, no test for type 3 Store 4 Bypasses -1 Store correct, other bypass could induce WF str hazard. -3 Bypass from output of ALU to A1 input.
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