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Unformatted text preview: LSU EE 4720 Homework 8 Due: 24 November 2010 Problem 1: Do Spring 2010 Final Exam Problem 2 (branch prediction). The grading criteria used for the final appear below. Positive numbers indicate total credit for a category, negative numbers are specific deductions. Problem 2 (20 pts) ^^^^^^^^^ 5 Bimodal B2-2 Accuracy based on predicting after update. 1 Local B2 4 B2 min local history size-2 Nine, since pattern repeats every 10 executions.-2 Three, with "example"-0 Four, with "example" 1 B2 local pht count 1 Bimodal B3 1 Local B3 1 Global B3 4 B3 min global history-3 Three, needs b1, b2, b3 2 B3 warmup-1 2^5, 32 * 18 cycles Problem 2: Do Spring 2010 Final Exam Problem 3 using some additional information provided here: The BHT is usually indexed with a subset of PC address bits, in class we like to use 11:2 (bits 11 to 2) for a 2 10-entry table but real systems use more bits. Even so, the entry retrieved from the BHT might not be for the branch being predicted. For example, a branch at PC 0x1234...
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