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Progressive Movement Notes

Progressive Movement Notes - • Direct election of...

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Progressive Movement Notes Progressive reformers – oppose irresponsible wealth and selfish government. Argued free market was being distorted by monopolies Social Gospel movement University social scientists Settlement house workers Muckrakers – New Urban professionals o Upton Sinclair, most famous muckraker Moral reformers (anti-alcohol, tobacco, vice constitutional amends) o “Only government had the power to save the nations problems” o Organized power of government Graduated federal income tax o Only way to have a fair tax system
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Unformatted text preview: • Direct election of senators o Elected by state legislators • Women’s suffrage (voting) • Prohibition of alcohol • Pure food & drug laws • Utility & RR Regulation • Anti-monopoly laws • Conservation and parks o Another goal of progressives to preserve American West • Immigration restriction – imperialism • Anti-cigarette laws • Anti-vice laws vs. birth control • Hours and safety laws • Inheritance tax o One of the central issues of the progressives in the 20’s...
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