Essay #1 Analysis of Advertising Rhetoric

Essay #1 Analysis of Advertising Rhetoric - Reapor 1...

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Reapor 1 Vanessa Reapor English 145, Section 42 April 16, 2009 Born to be Wet n Wild Wet: rain falling on a cold winter night. Wild: a cheetah running through the African Safari. Although, these adjectives seem different and un-relatable to one another, they combine to form the ideal image of fierceness, but also allowing the figure to appear cool, calm, and collected. The Wet n Wild beauty product encompasses these characteristics by appealing to women through advertising desire while making it appear to be culturally and ethically credible. The audience targeted in this advertisement is women who are interested in make- up products, and looking good. In the article, an attractive dolled up woman is presented as the main figure. At the bottom corner, two make-up objects are also presented. It is evident that this advertisement targets women because typically woman are the main consumers of make-up products, and the article was found in Cosmopolitan , a women oriented magazine. Women are also willing to take the time to make themselves look presentable. The layout of the Wet n Wild advertisement is crucial to its main goal of attracting buyers. The main image on the advertisement is vertical creating a balanced affect. A larger more dominating image being the woman with captivating features is balanced with the presence of smaller figures such as the text, and the pictures of the product. The woman as the dominant figure serves as the advertisement’s hook by captivating the viewer. The reader first notices her mysterious, unblemished, perfectly
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Reapor 2 formed face, and then moving down the page notices her extravagant accessories, and
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Essay #1 Analysis of Advertising Rhetoric - Reapor 1...

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