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Notes In Class Essay - children- Girl: Handicapped and...

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Thesis: Ethical theories are used to guide humans to do what is good -- Statement- Utilitarianism: The greatest good for the greatest number Evidence- - R.J.L.B. Matekoni, a true businessmen - Thinks about Mma Ramotswe’s concerns about adoption and living conditions - Living in her house, bigger - Answers “we” Explanation- In marriage, couples invest in thinking as a whole. A decision of one spouse may greatly affect the decision of the other. Main goal is to think for the entire family. -- Statement- Theory of Justice: Equal distribution Evidence- - Orphanage owner, Mma Potokwane, insists RJLB Matekoni should adopt both
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Unformatted text preview: children- Girl: Handicapped and poor- Boy: Poor- Nurse took both children with the little money she had Explanation- RJLB will fulfill the theory of justice by adopting both children because they will receive opportunities.--Statement- Theory of Rights: Individual freedom, rights Evidence- - After story of how the children came to the orphanage RJLB Matekoni makes a personal decision - Asks children to come stay with him a for a while Explanation- Although, thoughts of utilitarianism is exercised in a marriage, it is important to maintains ones individual exercises....
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Notes In Class Essay - children- Girl: Handicapped and...

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