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Research Prospectus

Research Prospectus - search for the causes and effects...

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Reapor 1 Vanessa Reapor English 145, Section 42 April 23, 2009 Research Prospectus 1. I care about this issue because I am a Long Beach native of 16 years. If something were to happen with the Long Beach water supply, I will be greatly affected. 2. What is wrong with the Long Beach water supply, what is being done to fix the problem? 3. The Long Beach reservoir is slowly shrinking because the water supply is being greatly abused by citizens. In August, Long Beach’s water supply hit its all time lowest. 4. My topic targets Long Beach residents, and those who support and are interested in water conservation. 5. I need to fill many gaps about my knowledge of this topic. For instance, I need to know when the water problem first started. I also need to know what are some of the action plans for the city of Long Beach. I will also need to seek what are the non-obvious reasons for this water shortage. 6. The three sources I plant to use are the Long Beach Water Department, the Long Beach Press-Telegram, and also some residents of Long Beach. In these sources, I will
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Unformatted text preview: search for the causes and effects, what residents have to say, what the experts also have to say about the water shortage. 7. Some of the opposing views are those who cannot limit their water use. I still have to search for more opposing viewpoints. 8. The Long Beach reservoir is progressively shrinking due to the overuse of water. With Reapor 2 the newly implemented solutions such as water conservation, residents of Long Beach should follow these regulations in order to save the reservoir. 9. The roadblock I anticipate is not finding enough information such as the opposing views. This roadblock is definitely informational. I know I will find great sources about the water shortage, but I think I will get emotional because I think I was helping the shortage happen. I think the most challenging aspect of this project is the writing part because I wouldn’t know where to begin with my gathered information....
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