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Week 5 Day 2 Reading

Week 5 Day 2 Reading - AND NOT Don’t Forget Books Take...

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Week 5 Day 2 Reading Chapter 9 Research, Summary, and Documentation Research Where to Begin - Begin electronic search with school’s library website - Libraries subscribe to indexes and databases - InfoTrac Expanded Academic - Lexis Nexis Academic - Wilson Databases -Begin research with Librarians Index to the Internet, lii.org - Provides well-organized, reliable, trustworthy, sources - Pre-screened Check the Address - Note the .com - com=commercial site -org=non profit organization Refine Your Search - Refine research by providing more than a single word - Make terms precise
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Unformatted text preview: - AND- NOT Don’t Forget Books Take Notes- Include bibliographical material- Bibliography- Annotated Bibliography- Abstract Three Options for Including Research - Direct Quotation- Paraphrase- Summary Integrate Research into Your own Writing- Don’t name “drop”- Ex: discovered, notes, according to Make the Purpose Clear- Pay attention to the meaning of the sentence- Don’t assume Punctuations and Format of Quotations- Periods and commas are placed inside quotation marks UNLESS followed by a parenthetical citation...
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