Sept 16 - o Meso: community rejects her as Native o Macro:...

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September 16, 2010 Discussion: Club Native video Cultural Survival o Making sure tribe survives, traditions Home/Homeplace o Technically were Native, but considered not because not enough Native blood count, yet that was her home o 18 years old, and Native Canadian women Community/Kinship o Extended family close by o Going back and helping community o People not accepting of half Natives Identity/Identities (Micro: Who I am, Meso: Community, Macro: Nation, global) o Micro: she views herself as Native
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Unformatted text preview: o Meso: community rejects her as Native o Macro: globally, people would more than likely consider her Canadian because she doesn’t have Native resemblance, not accepted by community, etc. • Native women and Interethnic partnerships o More marriage outside of tribe, more diluted the tribe will be o Interethnic partnerships make them less native, children face future struggles, (ex: Natives choosing partners outside of culture, taken off list, less accepted)...
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