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1 Alexandria Daniel 1 March 2010 ECON 2100, MWF 9:05 Current Event 1 Less Pollution is More Pollution “When It Comes to Pollution, Less May Be More,” article from The Washington Post brings our attention to the controversial issue that the population controls limit pollution and climate change. Farenthold explains that an effective solution to the problem of pollution may be birth control. The family planning issue makes it difficult to bring up in debate, therefore, it makes it more difficult to put in force and expose the potentially positive externalities on the environment that it could create. David Farenthold describes in more detail how this concept is not necessarily a new concept. Malthus and McKibben discovered this to be a problem and came up with possible solutions in previous scenarios. They discuss the importance of weighing environmental costs as well as providing birth control solutions. Many British and American scholars have contributed
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