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ECON 2100 Spring 2010 Exam 2 Review Guide Exam 2 is Monday, March 22 and covers chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 plus Case Study #4, “China and Emerging Nations.” The exam is approximately 30-35 questions, all scantron. Chapter 5 Economic Incentive Models Pollution Charges, subsidies Pigouvian Taxes, Pigouvian Subsidies Emission Charges (Single and Multiple Polluters) Deposit/Refund Schemes Pollution Permit Scheme Chapter 6 Voluntary versus Involuntary Risks Hazards and Exposure Risk Assessment (4 Steps – Hazard Identification, Dose Response, Exposure Analysis, Risk Characterization) Risk Management – Comparative Risk Analysis, Risk Benefit, Benefit Cost
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Incremental Benefits (Primary versus Secondary) MSB and TSB Functions, Graphs User versus Existence Value Physical Linkages Damage Functions Behavioral Linkages Political Referendum, Contingent Valuation, Averting Expenditures, Travel Cost, Hedonic Price Others: Statistical Life, Cost of Illness, Wage Studies Chapter 8 Explicit versus implicit costs, social costs Incremental Costs (Explicit versus Implicit) MSC and TSC Functions, Graphs Engineering versus Survey Approach Costs by Sector...
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