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ECON 2100 Spring 2010 Exam 2 Review Guide Exam 2 is Monday, March 22 and covers chapters 5, 6, 7, and 8 plus Case Study #4, “China and Emerging Nations.” The exam is approximately 30-35 questions, all scantron. Chapter 5 Economic Incentive Models Pollution Charges, subsidies Pigouvian Taxes, Pigouvian Subsidies Emission Charges (Single and Multiple Polluters) Deposit/Refund Schemes Pollution Permit Scheme Chapter 6 Voluntary versus Involuntary Risks Hazards and Exposure Risk Assessment (4 Steps – Hazard Identification, Dose Response, Exposure Analysis, Risk Characterization) Risk Management – Comparative Risk Analysis, Risk Benefit, Benefit Cost
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 7 Incremental Benefits (Primary versus Secondary) – MSB and TSB Functions, Graphs User versus Existence Value Physical Linkages – Damage Functions Behavioral Linkages – Political Referendum, Contingent Valuation, Averting Expenditures, Travel Cost, Hedonic Price Others: Statistical Life, Cost of Illness, Wage Studies Chapter 8 Explicit versus implicit costs, social costs Incremental Costs (Explicit versus Implicit) – MSC and TSC Functions, Graphs Engineering versus Survey Approach Costs by Sector...
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