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Exam 3 Review - Environmental Justice versus Allocative...

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ECON 2100 Spring 2010 Exam 3 Review Guide Exam 3 covers chapters 9, 10 and 13, as well as the select content on Air Quality (from chapters 11 and 12). Also included are Case Studies #5, #6, and #7. The exam is all multiple choice, definition matching and/or true/false. Chapter 9 Present Value, Discounting, Inflation Correction PVB, PVC Benefit Cost Ratio versus PVNB Allocative Efficiency (PVNB) versus Cost Effectiveness (PVC) Marginal Analysis Problems with Cost Benefit Analysis (Measurement, Equity) Regulatory Impact Analysis, Economic Analysis Chapter 10 Air Pollution Control Acts, 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments Hazardous versus Criteria Pollutants NAAQS, AQCR Sierra Club lawsuits (PSD versus non-attainments areas)
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Unformatted text preview: Environmental Justice versus Allocative Efficiency Portney’s Cost-Benefit Study, EPA’s Study Benefit based decision rules Uniformity of NAAQS Air Quality Emissions reduction, fuel quality, fuel alternatives (economic impacts) Benefit Cost Analysis for Mobile Sources Uniform versus Two-tiered standards New Car Bias Chapter 13 Ozone Depletion: cost effectiveness, price changes Montreal Protocol Exise taxes, Allowance market Global warming Kyoto Protocol and US response Benefits of Global Warming Policies Model of Market Failure: pollution charges, tradable allowances...
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