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Philosophy of Biology Phil 147 Fall 2011 Directions and Questions for the Final Exam Bring two bluebooks available in the university bookstore with nothing written in or on them (not even your name). These may be redistributed at the time of the exam. The exam will consist of the three parts, for which the instructions are as follows: Part A. Answer each of the following six questions in two to three sentences each (do not go on at length—you will not receive extra credit for going beyond a basic answer). Each question is worth up to 5 points (30 points total). The actual questions will be drawn from those listed below: 1. What is Mendel’s law of independent assortment? 2. How did Mendel arrive at what he called factors ? 3. What was the central disagreement in the Biometrician-Mendelian conflict? 4. What does the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium describe? 5. In what respects is Fisher’s treatment of population genetics similar to theories of the behavior of gases? 6. What were the primary differences in focus between Sewall Wright and Fisher? 7. What is meant by “genetic drift”? 8. How did the Spandrels of San Marco come to figure in discussions of evolution? 9. What do Gould and Lewontin mean calling adaptationist explanations “just-so” stories? 10. What are some (state at least two) of the factors, besides genes, that advocates of developmental systems theory identify as being inherited by organisms? 11. What is meant by the expression species as individuals ? 12.
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finalexamdirections.2011 - Philosophy of Biology Phil 147...

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