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Phil 147 Philosophy of Biology Fall 2011 Paper Assignment Articulate and defend what you find to be the most promising argument or line of argument from those presented in the readings or in class for a position on one of the following questions. One way of defending a position is to show how to answer what you take to be a particularly serious objection to the argument. Even if you do not adopt this approach, it is useful to keep in mind who it is that needs to be convinced (that is, who doesn’t automatically agree with the position you take). 1. Is natural selection the main cause of evolution, as Darwin and the evolutionary synthesis maintained, or do other factors (drift, development) also important factors in evolution? (Although you may discuss Darwin, make sure you do discuss the evolutionary synthesis and responses to it). 2. At what level(s) of organization (genes, organisms, groups, species, etc.) does natural selection work? 3. Did Darwin purge biology of teleology (functional explanations) or give rise to a viable and
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