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Make-Up In-Class Activity #1 Research Methods Directions: For this makeup assignment you need to find a newspaper or magazine article that you can critique/analyze based on the scientific method. Type up a paper (about half a page) in which you include the following: 1) briefly summarize the article in your own words, 2) address four of the following: A. Why was the research done? B. Who did the research? C. What biases are there?
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Unformatted text preview: D. Who were the participants? How were they selected & assigned? How many? E. How was the research conducted? What methods were used? F. Where was the research reported? G. Is there other research to support or refute? H. Can you generalize the findings? 3) based on the four questions you addressed, discuss whether you think this is a scientifically sound article & 4) staple the article (original or copy) to your paper....
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