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Introduction to Psychology Ch. 12: Psychological Disorders Outline I. Psychological disorder A. Understanding Psychological Disorders 1. Superstition 2. Science: B. Classifying Psychological Disorders 3. The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual IV-TR (DSM IV-TR) a. Five Axes 1. Axis I: State Disorders 2. Axis II: Trait Disorders 3. Axis III: General Medical Condition 4. 5. Axis V: Global Assessment of Functioning C. Labeling 1. Rosenhan’s study II. Anxiety Disorders D. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (free floating) E. Panic Disorder F. Phobias 1. Agoraphobia 2. Simple phobias 3. Social phobias G. OCD E. PTSD H. Causes 4. Learning 5. Biological III. Mood Disorders I. Major Depressive Disorder 1. Symptoms J. Bipolar Disorder
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Symptoms of Mania 3. Depression K. Causes 4. Biological Factors 5. Social-Cognitive Perspective L. Suicide IV. Schizophrenia M. Symptoms 1. Perceptual- hallucinations 2. Language & Thought Disturbances a. Delusions 1. Control 2. Grandeur 3. Persecution 4. Reference 3. Emotional Disturbances 4. Behavioral N. Types 5. Positive Symptoms 6. Negative Symptoms O. Causes 7. Biological 8. Psychosocial V. Dissociative Disorders P. Dissociative Amnesia Q. Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) VI. Personality Disorders R. Antisocial Personality Disorder- (sociopath, psychopath) 1. Symptoms 2. Causes S. Borderline Personality Disorder 3. Symptoms 4. Causes...
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psy1ch12outlinesu11 - 2 Symptoms of Mania 3 Depression K...

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