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Darah 2 - 3 Measures of central tendency Mode= most...

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Research methods Apparent limit, rounded limit, real limit, actual statistics Population: Complete set of data Can be finite or infinite Parameter: attribute of population estimated Two types of statistics - Descriptive statistics - Inferential statistics Graphical techniques - Tables- displays data in a matrix format - Graphs- agune (spatially) Normal curves - 68- 95- 99- Rule o basis for inferential stats o M= population mean o O- population standard deviation
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Measures of central tendency Mode= most frequent occurance-(+) easy to compute-(-) can change dramatically with just a few values-(-) can’t be used with inferential stats In inferential statistics-non- parametric- no assumptions necessary -“distribution” free -Parametric o Interval or ratio o Normality o Hogeneity (gives more statistical power) of variance- determines if some things are due to chance...
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