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Darah 7 - Deception is necessary so that people don’t...

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APA Ethics code The American Psychological Association’s code of ethics - published data are public domain for 5 years - Publication credit- decide order by contribution - Don’t publish data more than once Responsibilities of researchers - Primary investigator is ultimately responsible for make sure APA guidelines are followed and the IRB (Internal Review Board) - Consider the benefit to society and well being of participants - Stress should be evaluated in comparison to everyday life
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Unformatted text preview: Deception is necessary so that people don’t change behavior-There is little evidence that role playing is a valid method-Deception used when alternative methods aren’t feasible-Deceptive techniques are justified by the study’s applied value Deception that present subjects with a negative evaluation of themselves should be avoided The Goals of Good Scientific Writing-inform-present and argument-persuade...
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