HBSE 8 - ◦ Chronic ◦ Terminal Must look at entire...

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Psychiatric Disabilities Schizophrenia Mood disorders Eating disorders Anxiety disorders Are these real conditions or social constructs? Disability Across the Life Cycle 5 Stages of Adaptation: Disbelief Developing awareness Reorganization Resolution Identity change Different challenges at different stages Family Adjustment Families impact how well an individual adapt and cope with a chronic illness or disability Family reactions are affected by racial, cultural, spiritual, and socioeconomic factors Reaction of the community is a factor 3 phases of adjustment: Initial crisis
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Unformatted text preview: ◦ Chronic ◦ Terminal Must look at entire family system Family Systems Illness Model Constellation—all key people Adaptability—must be shifts in family rules Cohesion—must balance closeness with respect for differences Generational boundaries—patterns of enmeshment and disengagement Family-community boundaries—social networks Women with Disabilities Risk of abuse Stereotypes Sexuality and reproductive health Challenges Access to good medical care Finances Lowered expectations Independent living...
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HBSE 8 - ◦ Chronic ◦ Terminal Must look at entire...

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