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Feminist Theory HBSE Feminist Theory Applied to Domestic Abuse Women can also be abusers. However, parity doesn't exist in the statistics so we shouldn't pretend that the rates are near the same Feminist Theory Applied to Domestic Abuse To reduce the frequency of domestic abuse, Feminist Theorists strive for equality and cooperation. Strengths and Limitations of Feminist Theory Strengths Emphasizes gender and power inequality in opposite sex relationships Focuses on societal messages that sanction male use of violence and aggression Gives gender roles that dictate how men and women should behave in their intimate relationships Limitations Does not acknowledge that women can be violent in relationships Women abusing men is not seen as a serious social problem
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Unformatted text preview: Does not deserve the same amount of attention or support as violence against women does Feminist Theory and the effects on women and people of color Feminist Theory and Women Focal point of feminist theory Emphasis on problems that affect women, equality between genders, and women’s rights Created to add a female perspective to a field (psychology) dominated by males (researchers and subjects) Feminist Theory and Women Studies emotions between genders and socialization of women’s emotions This study of emotions and how they influence human interaction helps to combat stereotypes about the emotional stability of women There are currently more women than men, so this perspective is important...
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