HBSE 19 - Men also find themselves as caregivers,...

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Early and Middle Adulthood Parenting/Grandparenting Some become parents for the first time in midlife Experience economic problems when they have adolescents Three styles of grandparenting: Remote Companionate Involved Caregiving May be caring for both children and parents Filial maturity à how adult children view their parents outside of parenting role Filial crisis à first take on care of aging parents Filial anxiety à emotions from crisis Filial maturity May be caring for parents AND children “Sandwich generation” Filial maturity à allows adult child to care for parents Often proceeded by a crisis Gender Differences Women experience role overload Care of aging parents often falls on daughters
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Unformatted text preview: Men also find themselves as caregivers, especially when unmarried, gay, or with no sisters Role identity theory the more able a person is to fulfill roles the better their self-esteem and well-being LGB Midlife Development Overlapping challenge of being gay and aging Three constructs related to well-being: Affirmativepositive identity Conformingnot affiliated with gay community Passingcapitulate to heterosexist ideology The lavender ceiling Work Issues Professional obsolescence is a concern Retire early due to health reasons or having enough resources Men struggle more with retirement...
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