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Helping people - during this phase the worker MUST BE...

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Evaluation The accomplishment of the goal may be Yes or No A certain percentage (80% of the time…) Somewhat better...better...much better Objectively described (using numbers, times, or events) Can also be lack of progress or regression Contract Review If the goal has not been accomplished by the anticipated date, the question must be asked, “WHY NOT?” Basically, WHY NOT should review Motivation Capacity Opportunity to carry out agreed upon tasks Understanding of Expectations Evaluation Contract Reformulation As problems, tasks, contracts, or dates of completion are reformulated
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Unformatted text preview: during this phase, the worker MUST BE FLEXIBLE GET CLIENT SYSTEM INPUT Evaluation Questions (10 Question Process) 1. Has the goal been accomplished (yes/no) 2. If yes, has the goal been accomplished due to external circumstances? Evaluation 3. From when the problem was first identified, how much closer or further from the goal have you moved? 4. Has the goal not been accomplished due to external circumstances? 5. Was there an error in date anticipation? 6. Did a person or system designed to complete the task fail to accomplish it?...
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