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Helping People 1

Helping People 1 - Goals are To give ongoing support to the...

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Intervention The role of the worker during this stage is determined by the tasks identified in the contracted plan developed during the assessment phase. These roles may include: Broker Advocate Reformer Educator Counselor Mediator Various activities of generalist worker at this stage include: Direct intervention Information and Referral Case Management and Teamwork Indirect Intervention Direct Intervention Occurs when the worker, in agreement with the system, directly intervenes with that system May be brief or extended
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Unformatted text preview: Goals are: To give ongoing support to the system as it carries out contracted tasks To help the system bring about change itself Information and referral Worker directs the system to another resource for help with an identified problem Consists of the following stages: Clarification of the problem Researching resources Discussion of options Planning and contracting (Working out particulars) Meeting of system in need with resource Follow-up...
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