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IB 200 12/12/11 India took a gradual approach while China took a more rapid, strong approach If China gets too wealthy young people will not be able to earn enough to pay for the benefits with the older population Poverty has gone down quite a bit China’s FDI is huge - McDonald’s predicts in four years they will open a store a day - After the US, the biggest market for Apple is China Internal Challenges: - even thought it has some Chinese characteristics it is still an open market - Chinese have strongest growth in the world - Have China be a strong player but also integrate with the rest of the world. Needs to be less competitive and instead work with each other. - You can no longer have luxury items advertised on billboards in the city because people in the countryside felt they couldn’t get those things
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Unformatted text preview: -Trying to increase social harmony-If you want to come to China and invest here then you have to follow a variety of criteria that helps China to remain competitive.-Savings rate is high (it is high in India as well)-The number 8 is lucky in China so the government feels they need to grow at 8% to remain successful Beijing still suffers from environmental problems, especially air pollution-desert located right next to Beijing so the sand blows into the city everyday May be a credit crisis in China due to slow growth in the future Largest producer of solar panels, trying to take more of an environmentally friendly approach Currency and cost of living are appreciating infrastructure needs to be built and built well so as to keep cost of living down...
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