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Mkt 300 12/12 Final Exam - 60 MCQ - Cumulative - Weighted towards material not covered on midterm - Only pencils, pens, eraser, ruler, and calculator allowed on writing pad - There will be blank pages in the question paper - All answers must be filled out on scantron - Bring calculator - Focus on last slides from each lecture More difficult than midterm!! We will have learned everything but you will need to think with questions. Major Analytical Tools: - Multi-Stage bargaining in B2B Settings - Computing the Profit Impact of Product Line Extension (with Brand Switching) - Computing Net Present Value of Different Segments
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Unformatted text preview: -Incremental Breakeven Analysis for Price Changes-Finding Single Optimal Price and Pair of Optimal Prices (not three)-Pricing Multiple Product Versions-Two-Part Tariffs-Menu of Two-part Tariffs-Finding Optimal Wholesale Price in a Channel Will be somewhat different from Assignment 2 Conceptual Questions and Exam Hints-30 questions-Mostly scenario-based questions-Read scenario carefully and select best answer-Different from midterm, read context more carefully-Try to finish in less than 40 minutes-Make sure you answer all questions-No practice exam...
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