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Hobbes - nd column o 3 Equal in what we want(basic natural...

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Hobbes: Egoism and social contract theory Psychological egoism: Theory that people always act in own self-interest (descriptive of human nature) Ethical Egoismm: theory that everyone ought to pursue own self-interest Hobbes: o Psych and ethical egoist, but believes that best interest is pursued when cooperating with others o (535, p1) argues that all people are psychological egoists, aware or not. State of nature o Hobbes uses the conceptual construct of the state of n in order to argue that we should cooperate with others What is S of N o Not a description of society at all times and places o Not intend it to be a historical description of the state of society in the distant past o Thought experiment o Imagine people living in a condition without government…… Equal in state of nature (534) 3 types o 1) Equal in the way we can harm one another (we can all kill each other) o 2) Equal in how we esteem ourselves (we believe we know best) top 2
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Unformatted text preview: nd column o 3) Equal in what we want (basic natural desire) • Three reasons people quarrel in s o n (535) o 1) competition: limited resources. My pursuit of possessions threatens yours o 2) Diffidence: I do not trust you, and must protect my things o 3) Glory: • State of nature a State of war: 535 c1 o State of war: every man vs one another. A state where violence is likely to break out. Always have a dispassion of fighting o Life in state of war: no advanced civilization: no time or language o No industry: due to no cooperation o No justice or injustice o Chief virtues are force and fraud • What stimulates us to seek peace? 536 o 1) fear of death o 2) we want things needed for pleasant living o 3) we hope that we can be happy We realize we are happier and safer outside the state of war Self-interest is best way to find peace Morality...
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