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Ch1 notes Primary sources of Law o US and state constitutions o Statutory law Laws enacted by legislation Ordinance: same but for municipality o Regulation created by administrations and agencies (administrative law) Consists of rules, orders, and decisions of administrative agencies o Case law and common law Case law: Doct and principles announced in cases- governs all not covered by administrative and statutory law o Summary page 7 Uniform Law: (laws adopted by more than one state o Uniform commerce code Facilitates commerce among states by providing a uniform yet flexible set of rules governing commercial transactions Common Law tradition: o Common Law: body of general rule applied throughout the English realm o Courts at law: courts that awarded remedies to grievances within community o Remedies: legal means to enforce a right or redress a wrong: Legal remedies: compensation for wrongs in courts at law> 3 ways Land, items of value, or money
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Unformatted text preview: o Problem: could not help in situations where economic remedies did not right the wrong • Equity: Branch of law dedicated to finding remedies when non are available • Restatements: summarizations of common law used by most states. Published by the American law institute o Source of analysis, but have no legal weight • Doc of Stare Decisis o Def: the practice of deciding new cases with reference to former decisions or precedents Under doc judges are obligated to follow precedents in their jurisdiction o 2 aspects: 1 decisions made by higher courts are binding to lower ones 2 courts should not overturn precedents unless there is a compelling reason to do so • Precedent: o Def: A decision that furnished an example or authority for deciding subsequent cases involving identical or similar legal principles or facts Each case is recorded in a volume called a recorder o...
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